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Wall Socket with Duplex USB Charger
Install an invisible force to be reckoned with. "The Power Phantom” wall socket is a tough durable duplex outlet with USB charging capabilities right at your finger-tips. Two standard 15A-125VAC or 20A-125VAC outlets, discreetly team up with dual 5VDC-3.1A DC powered USB ports to give you freedom to power up all your gadgets, devices and accessories. No more cable confusion, charge small electrical devices directly from the wall source, removing all unsightly and dangerous wire congestion. The Power Phantom, conveniently charges most USB devices, and small appliances such as USB toys, shavers, phones, tablets and cameras. It’s the perfect  little entity that can’t be seen or sensed until you need it.
For Android devices only. 

Indoor Infrared Occupancy Sensor
The ULTYM2502 sensor switch instantly detects changes in infrared energy given off as occupants move into, and through its field of view.  Once activated, the adjustable internal timer is factory set to respond an additional 15 seconds after motion inactivity. With a perfect 360 degree viewing area, the ULTYM2502 operates from a full 15 to 30 feet with (4.57m to 9.1m) mounting heights.  (15 to 20 feet (4.57m to 6.1m) radial coverage overlaps area hit by typical high-bay fixture)

On-Off Sensor Control 
Motion detection sensor switch turns on when activated by motion and turns off after pre-selected hold on times. Pre-selected times can be set from 5 – 30 seconds depending on the application needed.  A built-in daylight sensor compares the available luminance to the pre-set threshold level, which ensures the fixture remains off when sufficient natural light is present . 

Tri-Level Dimming Control Sensor
The Tri-Level Dimming Control Sensor offers 3 levels (or stages) of light at 3 second intervals. The 3 stages of illumination include, 100% luminosity, a customizable option of (10%, 20%, 30%, 50% optional) and off, along with 2 periods of selectable waiting time. The Tri Level Dimming Control also detects motion, signaling the fixture to stay on when motion is detected to turn off without any motion.  

Quick Kit (Q-Kit)
The Quick Kit is an Ultrasave Retrofit Kit which comes in 3 different shapes (Circular, Rectangular and Semi-Circular), designed to convert existing light fixtures to new LED fixtures. Each Q-Kit contains one LED module and one LED Driver. 



YM2502 Sensor

  • 360o Passive infrared (PIR) technology
  • Automatically turns on when motion is detected
  • Sensitivity adjustment Adjustable time delay from 15-30 seconds
  • Single pole
  • Operation temperature: 0oC (32oF) to 55oC (131oF) Humidity range: 0% - 90% RH (non-condensing)
  • High Bay mounting height up to 30 feet, 360o field
  • 2 year warranty

ULT-TUSB215 Wall Socket
Tamper resistant 
Smart chip optimizes fast efficient charging
Surge protection 
Standard 125V, 15A duplex wall outlet with duplex USB charger 5V, 3.1 Amp output. 


ULT-TUSB215 Wall Socket
Mobile devices
Small appliances