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Ultrasave’s low wattage electronic ballasts for metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps are the ultimate choice for your HID needs. These high quality ballasts utilize programmed cold start technology  for 20 to 150 watt lamp types, and are offered in multiple or dedicated input voltages of 120, 120 to 277 and 347 volts at 50/60 Hz. Our HID ballasts are designed with superior lamp wattage regulation, optimizing lamp colour stability and reducing lamp-to-lamp colour variations. In addition, these ballasts offer significant energy savings and cost reductions over incandescent and magnetic HID alternatives. All of the ballasts have a 90°C case temperature rating to promote long life in high temperature applications and several enhanced protective features including thermal and programmed electronic protections. These protections prevent overheating issues by shutting down the system should the lamp fail to ignite or cycle on and off at end of life.

The latest additions of 70, 100 and 150 watt models incorporate a dedicated 120VDC output designed for use with self heating thermal protectors. This product enhancement offers fixture manufacturers the necessary power source for connecting to a thermal protector and protection against fixture overheating.


Programmed cold start

Wide range of applications
20 to 150 watt metal halide and high pressure sodium lamp types

Multiple or dedicated input voltage
120 volts, 120 to 277 volts and 347 volts at 50/60 HZ

Minimum starting temperature -22°F/-30°C
Suitable for a wide range of extreme conditions

<10% THD and >0.99 PF 

Reliable high ambient temperature operation
90°C case temperature rating

Superior lamp wattage regulation
Optimizes lamp colour stability over life and reduces lamp-to-lamp color variations

Electronic circuitry
Offers significant energy savings over incandescent and magnetic HID alternatives
Enables ballasts to run cooler and operate quieter than standard magnetic HID alternatives

Lightweight and small ballast housing
Offers flexibility in fixture designs

Side or bottom exit leads

Lamp end-of-life protection circuitry
Provides safety and protects the ballasts by removing power from the lamps as they approach EOL

Thermal or programmed electronic protection
Thermal Protection: Prevents overheating (thermal stress) by shutting down the system when operating temperatures each unacceptable levels. 
Programmed Electronic Protection: The ballasts incorporate a microprocessor controller, offering 30 striking attempts before shutting down the system should the lamp fail to ignite or cycle on and off at the end of life. This feature detects potential problems and shuts down prior to overheating, thereby prolonging the life of the ballast. 

Available with dedicated 120VDC output for self-heating thermal protectors
Offers protection against fixture overheating

Rated class A for quiet operation

Three year warranty

Retail Stores

Conference Rooms

Show Rooms

Display Areas

Underwriters Laboratories (cULus) Listed

Complies with ANSI Standards C82.11-1993 and C62.41-1991

Meets FCC Part 18 Class A for EMI & RFI (non-consumer Limits)

Does not contain Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB’s)

Class P Type 1 Outdoor, Type HL

RoHS Compliant